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Octocure 556

CHEMICAL DESCRIPTION:        cure package

PHYSICAL FORM:                       aqueous dispersion




Total Solids: 55 – 57 %
pH: 10.00 – 11.00
Viscosity, (Haake VT 02): 300 – 500 mPa.s
Particle D 50 / [μm] < 5
Particle D 90 / [μm] < 20




OCTOCURE 566 is a aqueous vulcanization system specially developed for foam coatings based on SBR-latex to obtain the best possible results with various methods. It contains all the components necessary for vulcanization as well as anti-aging agents to permanently protect latex foams in use.

We recommend to use 8 wet parts of OCTOCURE 566 for 100 parts of wet latex.

OCTOCURE 566 Forms no nitrosamines listed according to TRGS 900 [Technical Rules for Hazardous Substances]



Keep for minimum 6 months in closed original drums or storage vessels provided the temperature does not fall below +5°C or exceed +30°C.

It is necessary to stir up the container before each discharge. When stored in storage tanks, we recommend to use an intermittent stirring apparatus or a stirring apparatus that runs slowly.



Available in drums à 200 kg, in IBCs à 1000 kg net or as bulk deliveries



Please refer to Safety Data Sheet