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Octosol A-18 (E)

CHEMICAL DESCRIPTION:       Disodium n-cetostearyl sulphosuccinamate

CAS: 68988-69-2

 EINECS 273-537-3

PHYSICAL FORM:                      viscous, thixotropic liquid




Solids, %: min. 32.0
pH (5% in water) 6.5 – 9.5
Color: beige
Solubility / Emulsifiability: dilutable with cold and warm water in all proportions
Ionogenity: anionic




OCTOSOL A-18 (E) is notable for its outstanding dispersing, emulsifying and foaming properties. It produces fine structured low density latex foams with excellent wet  stability. Therefore OCTOSOL A-18 (E) is widely used as a highly effecting foaming agent for latex compounds in carpet backing (non-gel-systems). OCTOSOL A-18 (E) is also used as emulsifier in emulsion polymerisation and as a detergent, too.The typical addition levels for OCTOSOL A-18 (E) will depend on filler loadings, the wet foam densities etc. For high solids no-gel compounds addition levels between 4-6 parts dry succinamide to 100 parts dry latex are recommended. OCTOSOL A-18 (E) shows good stability to hydrolysis by acids and alkali and good tolerance to calcium ions. It is compatible with nonionic and other anionic surfactants.



Protect from freezing.OCTOSOL A-18 can be stored for 3 months without effecting the chemical properties. Drums should be kept tightly closed. The contents should be stirred prior to use. If stored in a tank, the tank should be equipped with an agitator. In tank we recommend to stir the material every day for some minutes.

Storage: At least 12 months is properly storedOCTOSOL A-18 (E)



Available in drums à 100 kg net weight or in IBCs à 900 kg net weight



Please refer to Safety Data Sheet